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Date 2015-07-10 Conditions Good
Distance 46 km
(28.6 miles)
Time 3 h 03
Vertical 1550 meters
( 5086 feet)

Pot holes above 970 meters after the hamlet of Bedomye.


Rated as harder than Zoncolan and Mortirolo, one of the most difficult paved roads in Italy. The climb is not too bad until 970 meters, the average 10% gradient is interspersed with short sections of 15-18%. The the road surface degrades with pot holes and gravel and an average of 20% for 2km with sections at 33%. About 500m before Scirombei the road flattens and the surface improves to Corte Mezzo and a refuge. I didn't ride higher due to time. Take care on the descent.

Weather Warm - 20C, sunny