training loops




Date 2012-10-16 Conditions Good
Distance 117.8 km
(73.2 miles)
Time 5 h 40
Vertical 2200 meters
( 7218 feet)

Route National from Bourg St Maurice to Moutiers is dangerous. Bike lanes badly maintained and lots of HGVs. Best to take the balcony road shown on the main page or the train service to Moutiers.
Be careful not to be led onto the motorway at Moutiers and avoid the road that goes by the factories, lots of railway crossings that are badly maintained.


Damaged a rear wheel on a pothole in the cycle lane after Aime and blew out a rear tire. Luckily the bike shop in Moutiers was open and changed the tire. Had to walk 5km to Moutiers!

Weather Sunny, cold, some wind from the east. Snow from 1600 m although the road was dry. Descent to Bourg St Maurice at 2pm is largely in the shade.